Submission deadline: 15 Apr 2023

How do we make good decisions in the presence of uncertainty? This question arises in numerous contexts, including natural resources management and robot planning & control. The past few decades have seen significant advances in decision-making under uncertainty. These range from new domain-independent methods in areas such as artificial intelligence, statistics, operations research, robot planning, and control theory, to novel domain-specific methods in fields such as ecology, fisheries, economics, and mathematical finance. Unfortunately, progress in one domain may often be easily overlooked by researchers from another community.

This special issue calls for papers that provide a multidisciplinary perspective on the theory, practice and computational techniques for decision-making under uncertainty. Submissions should demonstrate how the work is relevant to researchers from different communities. Examples include theoretical studies of decision models relevant to disparate fields, and novel applications of tools from one field to another.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Decision models (e.g., Markov Decision Processes (MDPs), POMDPs)
  • Decision theory (e.g., expected utility theory, bounded rationality)
  • Planning under uncertainty
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Stochastic control (e.g., LQG, robust control)
  • Operations research
  • Applications (e.g., natural disaster response, portfolio management)

  • Instructions for authors

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    Authors should submit a cover letter and a manuscript by 15 Apr 2023, via the Journal’s online submission site. Please see the Author Instructions on the web site if you have not yet submitted a paper through Springer's web-based system, Editorial Manager. When prompted for the article type, please select Original Research. On the Additional Information screen you will be asked if the manuscript belongs to a special issue, please choose yes and the special issue’s title, Decision-Making Under Uncertainty: A Multidisciplinary Perspective. Manuscripts submitted after the deadline may not be considered for the special issue and may be transferred, if accepted, to a regular issue.

    Papers will be subject to a strict review process under the supervision of the Guest Editor(s), and accepted papers will be published online individually, before print publication.

    Guest Editors

    Nan Ye, The University of Queensland
    Hanna Kurniawati, Australian National University
    Marcus Hoerger, The University of Queensland
    Dirk Kroese, The University of Queensland
    Jerzy Filar, The University of Queensland

    The website of the workshop on the same topic has been moved here. Note that attendance at the workshop is not a neccessary requirement for paper submission. Submissions from workshop attendees will be subject to the same review process.